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iamarcus Ofline
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Confidence Level

Posted: 1 year ago - Aug 01, 2022

Good evening, afternoon, morning Ladies of the site...

I was wondering where you confidence level is?

10being, you feel comfortable being seen in public 24/7/365 out in public and enjoy being addressed as Miss, Ms, or Mrs ?

9 being have ventured to be seen as a woman but don't verbally correct an individual for fear of being outed?

8) Never been in a situation where you are "read" as a woman, and you feel spurned when you disclose your birth gender to those inquiring?

6) You won't want to put others in harrms way if they were not aware of your past, but others that you know professionally (i.e. work, family, social circles) if others were informed of your past?

5)sheltered being forced to stay home, not able to express the inner you with a fear of retribution if others were aware, and you don't want rothers to be aware?

Comments graciously welcome!

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